Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have the power to change our life.

Projects that can’t happen in the real world are possible in the crypto space. In this decentralised universe, many of the political or economic realities we struggle with no longer apply. Together, we can bring your ambitious crypto project to life.

[ What I Do ]

Crypto Copywriting and Editing

Crypto space needs better storytellers. With a comprehensive understanding of the financial industry and the blockchain technology, I break down complex concepts in a way that your audience will understand.

Market Research and Strategy

High-quality research is not about finding information. It’s about giving you valuable insights by connecting invisible dots and identifying patterns. My job as a researcher is to offer solutions and help you develop a sound strategy.

Crypto Project Management

Every successful project requires clear communication, extensive stakeholder management and international cooperation. After a decade at large multinationals, I can deliver your project in a way that is seamless and efficient.

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