[ Artem Gramma ]

Bachelor of Science, Finance
Master of Business Administration
Certificate, Introduction to Digital Currencies
Goldman Sachs and Lazard alumni

I’m an MBA-educated professional with investment experience at Goldman Sachs and Lazard. After nearly a decade in the industry, I set out to work on projects that I believe can contribute to meaningful structural changes in our society.

One such example is cryptocurrencies, including the technologies and economic models underlying them. While the space is incredibly broad and diverse, at the big picture level, it will fundamentally change the concept of value on the internet and our relationship with things like money.

Through Coinspire, I work with cryptocurrency projects on content creation, market research, and project management. The Financial Shenanigans side of the business is focused on financial education with a crypto twist. My goal is to educate people about money, investments, and the new & open financial system being built in the digital world.

Fun Facts